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The Art of the Pick Up

You’ve seen it time and time again – he is far from the most attractive man in the room –and yet he is surrounded by beautiful women who are laughing, touching his arm and hanging on his every word. At the end of the night, he leaves with either one of the women or several phone numbers.

Just how does he do it? Contrary to what onlookers might think, he was not born with this charm and talent. He has learned the art of the pick up: How to pick up a girl, to attract, seduce, get her phone number and so on.

What a smart idea.

He knows the importance of techniques, such as the “opener” (how to initiate a conversation) and the “number close” (getting a phone number from someone). Often, the opener is the key to breaking the ice.

You can learn these techniques, as well.

One technique is the “compliment opener” where you compliment the woman on something OTHER than her or her physical beauty. For instance, the incredible energy about her or the distinctive color of her handbag or how her poise reminds you of Audrey Hepburn.

Or how about the “opinion opener”, where you ask a group of girls their opinion on anything, such as “Hey guys I need your opinion. Do I look better with my glasses on or off?” or which cologne you are wearing (one on each wrist) smells best. When they give their opinion, continue to question them on it. It opens up the group and initiates a conversation.

Another sure-fire opener technique is getting the girl to laugh. If you can get her laughing, you’ve broken down her natural barriers, helped her to physically relax around you and captured her attention for your next move. Many men underestimate the power of laughter and how it opens the doors to more meaningful interaction.

Some men hesitate to use pick up lines because they think they are cheesy, but honestly what comes out of your mouth really doesn’t matter. It has to do with your attitude, how your permission level and state are so in tune that what you say really doesn’t matter and that even the cheesiest pick up lines will work because your body language and tone are correct.

By learning this confidence and self assurance, the man in the example above is able to attract women to him likes bees to honey. His body language screams confidence and he reels them in with his effective pick up lines. It is something he learned only recently and something that will lead him to the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, he is having fun dating multiple women and being the envy of every other man in the room.

This man learned and polishes his techniques from a like-minded community of men looking for love and adventure.

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Dating Multiple Women is Like Planting a Garden

One of the keys to successfully dating multiple women is to think of it as one would think of planting and caring for a garden. If you were planting a garden, would you just plant one seed and sit around and hope that that one seed would make all of your dreams come true?

Of course not… that wouldn’t make any sense.

Some of the reasons why you would not grow a garden this way are not as obvious as they seem. For one, if you only have one plant – you will surely smother it. You will over water it, over care for it and basically just smother it. Also, if you are relying on that one single plant for food, you will not only have to wait a long time to get something of value out of it, but you are also putting all of your risk into one place, which is never a good idea.

Conversely, if you plant multiple plants over time and care for each of them when they require it (mature plants require less maintenance than a plant that is germinating and requires moisture every day). Also, while some plants are just starting out, others are producing food that can be eaten.

By not smothering any one individual plant, but instead providing each plant just enough sustenance to survive, grow and thrive – you will have a plentiful harvest.

How does this apply to women and dating?

Instead of focusing all of your energy on one woman, spread your focus across multiple women. Some will be just friends, some will be in the infancy of a relationship with you and others will be established friends with benefits.

You won’t smother any single woman. You won’t be needy as there are other ‘plants’ in your garden to also focus on. You also won’t be pushing women for intimacy too early on as you will have other women who are at that phase of your relationship. To push the analogy and at the risk of sounding crude – while some relationships are growing, others are ready to be harvested.

This is a great strategy while dating, as it allows you to date more successfully, and will enable you to have very satisfying relationships.

Also, by not being needy and feeling like you have no options, you won’t put up with second class behavior or stick with someone, just because they are the only one available to you.

Of course once you and one of the women you are dating become more serious and decide to become exclusive, you also will know that you had many options and chose the option that was the best fit for you.

Another great aspect of this is you will have a variety of women in your life to spend your time with. Some girls will be great for going to the opera, others will be fun to have in for movies and another girl may be perfect for taking out to guys night or the baseball game.

This will give you options, and a choice of who you choose to spend your time with. Eventually, you may choose to spend all of your time with just one women, but you will never be forced to do this.

Both you and your partner of choice will benefit from this.

find out more about dating multiple women by reading the article here: Dating Multiple Women.

What is a Pickup Artist

Many people have wondered what is a pick up artist? They are the guys that can just walk into a bar or club and within just a few minutes have a woman hanging on his every word. Now we all would love to have this ability and we can. If you follow some simple steps and with a lot of practice you will be able to walk into any situation and start getting the attention you desire from the ladies.

Several years ago I knew a guy that was in all senses of the word a pick up artist. I went to the local bar with him a few times and just watched what he did.
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The first thing I noticed was his attitude. He did not give the women the impression he was fully interested in them and gave them the sense of mystery that peeked their interest in him. One of the things he would do is not really answer their questions or just turn their question around back on them. Another thing I learned by watching him was he didn’t ask permission he would just say for example come on let’s dance as he dragged them out onto the dance floor.

I learned over the years that another problem that a lot of men, me included, would stand there with their hands in their pockets looking bored. Pick up artists make sure they don’t look bored and enjoy the atmosphere in the club or bar. Women notice what they are doing long before the Pick up artist would make his move. One key thing that you will have to remember when working on being a pick up artist is you have to have the right mindset, confidence, confidence, confidence. Women pick up on the signals that a confident man expresses.

I asked my friend one evening how he got so good at his game, and he told me what every other guy I have talked to on this subject has told me, practice. I have been told to expect to be rejected several times until I got my game down and that was true. There is no perfect formula to picking up women so all that can be done is the old tried and true method of trial and error. No guy has ever woke up one morning and was immediately a pick up artist they all started somewhere. So don’t get discouraged when you try and fail, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on to the next girl. There will come a time when you find what works for you and start picking up girls like the pros do.

Now the mindset is just one part of the pick up artist arsenal of tools, there is also the look. You don’t go into a bar or club looking for a woman, dressed like you just got off of work. You will want to look your best and smell great. Nothing will turn a woman off faster than body odor. Looking good along with the right mindset can achieve so many things. You will be surprised if you do the right things and be confident in yourself that in no time at all you can be a pick up artist and other guys will be turning to you for tips and ideas on how they can improve their game.


It is that indefinable “something” that people have that attract others like bees to honey.

Charisma is not tangible. It is not nameable. It cannot be easily defined.

It is that extra “oomph” that some people have.

People mistakenly think that you either have it or you don’t. This isn’t necessarily true. It is not completely unattainable. You don’t have to be born with it, although some people are.

Charisma is a presence, an energy that everyone around notices and wants to be part of. When a charismatic person walks into a room everyone looks and is naturally drawn to this person.

But it is not a secret. Believe it or not, the underlying characteristic of charisma is self confidence.

You can develop or improve your charisma by working on your self confidence. Psychologists say that having a belief in your worth and your value to others improves your self confidence enormously.

You may be wondering how to go about this process. Well, the first step is to focus on becoming the best person you can be physically, emotionally and mentally. You can start with the easiest part: physically. Make sure you are eating properly to start. That means healthy, small portions of food. Cut out all the junk food and sodas. Incorporate whole grains and vegetables into your diet as much as possible and cut down on the alcohol intake.

Almost anything is fine in moderation.

The next step is to move. That means anything from an organized exercise class to parking your car father away from the store than usual to taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Anything to move your body will help. If you are slightly overweight, work on eating better and moving more and eventually the weight should come off. If you are a lot overweight, you might consider more serious steps after checking with your physician.

Eat right, move your body and then dress neatly and have impeccable hygiene. Don’t be a slob. You don’t have to be a fashion plate but make everything you wear as neat and clean as possible. Keep your body that way, too. Brush your teeth and shower regularly.

Emotionally and mentally improve yourself by learning what makes you happy and pursuing outside interests and activities of these types. If you like chess, join a chess club. If you like Frisbee tag, look online for people with other interests. The point is to develop interests and hobbies to make you more interesting and as a result you will meet other people and develop self esteem as a side effect.

Also cut all negativity out of your life. If you have someone in your life who brings you down, don’t spend time with them. If it is someone you must have in your life, i.e., a parent or boss, read up on techniques of verbal defense so you know how to defend yourself against these types of psychological attacks.

There are many other ways to improve yourself that you can work on and as a result, your self esteem will soar and your charisma levels will rise.

Dating Advice for Men

Men these days are always looking for way to get the upper hand in the whole dating scene. There is no magic formula, cunning ways or tricks in order to find that perfect woman. There are several tips that other men will give you if you ask on what they have done to become successful in the dating scene. For those men that are having trouble meeting women or just not finding the right type of women these tips can help you find what you want and what do once you have gotten a date.

The first thing I would suggest is to prepare for the night out or the date whichever the case may be. If you do it half heartedly then you should be prepared for rejection. You want the girl to see who you really are, because, I know it sounds cliche, you only have one chance to make a good impression. Your appearance will be the first thing she sees and you will want to look your best. If you are happy with how you look, it comes across to the other person. Another good tip is to join clubs, societies, or athletic groups. This is a good place for you to meet people that share the same interests as you. I have found that having something in common with a woman makes things go a lot smoother. You have something to initially talk about as you get to know each other. Although you might have heard about people meeting their future spouse online while playing a video game or in a chat-room, the odds of that actually happening for you are slim. You are better off having personal contact with people and getting use to showing people who you really are.

Something else you should think about when you go about the dating scene what you want to gain from dating. Do you have plans that you want to be married in the next few years or just want to casually date and see where things lead? Once you have that in mind that should be your mindset when going out to meet women and get into the dating scene. Sometimes it is better to have your goals set out before you start to look for that Mrs. Right. You should also consider the fact that you don’t want to make yourself too available. Women do have the tendency to like men that have a little bit of mystery to them. It is all about the fun of the chase. The longer someone has to chase after you the more likely they will fall even more in love with you. You shouldn’t though make it too difficult or you will just discourage them and they will move on to the next guy.

Now these tips might not work for all men and you might find there are other things that work great for you. The most important thing I can tell you is be confident about yourself. You might suffer some setbacks along the way but don’t become discouraged, there is someone out there for you. Just be patient and keep trying. You never know what is right around the corner and the right woman will come into your life exactly when she is meant to but there is no harm in looking and having fun while you do. There are plenty of women out there and you are bound to find one that will peak your interest and if you do things right she can easily be yours.

We hope this dating advice for men was beneficial to you and will increase your chances of success.